The Mathematics of life.

A kind very beautiful ‘castle’  has creat formula of a math at the main entrance of the ‘castle’  enrolled and an announcement that will open its door to the formula and also the formula will make him declared his ‘Uttradhikari’  in the solution to open the door . came the great .mathematician state formula by lot did not understand anything .

The last was the day three people came and said that we will reslove this formula . Add 2 to other states mathematician came with a lot of old mathematics  sources of books with her. but nuanced and a person who looks like the ‘seeker’ was brought together .

He said i’ m sitting here are already labeled chance .Both depth tooks to resolve the formula but not open as well and accept defeat.

Finally called the ‘seeker’ and that every formula has been resolved. Please time start now.

‘Seeker’ is the gate with open eyes and easy smile. ‘Seeker’ pushed the door slowly and do it. The door was opened , The king said ‘Seeker’ you did it 👍.

‘Seeker’ said take when in focus sitting in came the first voice of conscience , before they check the sources or not. The slove it’ think of’ and i did it.

Many times not only is a ‘problems’ in life and we have made it big in the views.pexels-photo-208676

Beautiful conversation between lord Krishna and Radha🙏🌿🌺🍁🌹🙏

Once Radha asked Krishna .

What is annoying ?

Found very beautiful answer.

Decorating a mistake give yourself.

Q- Once Radha ask krishna : What friends and love is the difference?

Krishna laugh and said, Love is ‘Gold’ and friend ‘Diamond’.

Gold could be break but no diamond could break.

Q-Once Radha asked Krishna , I go where.?

Krishna said you in my heart breathing in……..liver  on the beat tan……keep in mind ….Everywhere…

Q- Then Radha said , I cannot go ?

Then Krishna said, My luck. ..

Q- Radha asked Krishna loves real mean it happens ?

Krishna said Hans , which means

There where is the love itself.

Q- Once Radha asked Krishna you love me but you married Rukmini why  so?

Krishna laugh , saying Radhe marriage required two people and we have one.